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My name is Lucinda and this is my blog: InTheTrees.org, A Practical Look at Living Off the Grid

I live with my family on a small, heavenly piece of land in Washington State. We moved here two years ago from Seattle where my husband and I lived and worked tirelessly for ten years until we had enough saved up to fulfill our dream of beginning our own little homestead and eventually living fully “off the grid.” It has been a challenge at times to completely eliminate our dependency on “the grid”- or on commercially provided electricity and other utilities, but in many ways we feel we are making great progress.

This blog is a place for us to meet with others attempting to live more simply with no judgment of what living simply should mean. Perhaps for you this means this means getting a nice little vegetable garden going every summer or even something as simple as deciding to run your washer and dryer on solar energy or perhaps it means running your entire homestead on solar power- either way we want to hear from you.

Please follow us in our journey as we attempt to make a transition to living truly “off the grid” and feel free to contact us with any of your own stories, tips, or just to say hi.